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postheadericon My new fave breakfast (or lunch, or dinner…..)

Seems like a small thing – a bowl of cereal, yogurt, and some fruit. But for GF vegans who are looking for a protein-filled high fiber start to the day, a good bowl of cereal (that tastes good!) can be a challenge to find.

Enter Van’s Cinnamon Heaven gluten free cereal. Van’s products have been very reliable sources of good tasting, nutritious GF food for me, and this cereal does not disappoint. With a soy yogurt and some fruit, it provides fiber, protein, carbs, and is filling and tasty. It does make a good lunch and in a pinch or at the end of a long day, a light dinner.

Nutritionals are for a bowl of Cinnamon heaven, silk fruit and creamy soy yogurt, and a half cup of fresh blueberries:

calories 300g
fiber 6.3g
protein 8g
carbs 59g
fat 4.5g

postheadericon Southwest lasagna

This takes about ten minutes to put together (if that), and another ten minutes in the microwave. Longer if you go with a conventional oven (I would guess about 20-30 minutes at 350 deg.), but still a quick meal.


1 can of refried beans (I used Amy’s traditional)
1 jar of salsa (I used Chi-Chi’s mild)
1 package of shredded cheese (I used Galaxy vegan Mexican shreds)
1 package (8 oz. or so) of cream cheese (I used Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet cream cheese)
1 box of corn taco shells (it was a box of 12 and I used 10) or you can use tortilla chips if you like and do it as a layered nacho dish
plus sides and garnishes of choice – chopped tomato, jalapeno, guacamole, etc.

I used a 9×9 baking dish.

1. spread a thin layer of salsa across the bottom of the dish.
2. break the shells in half and make a layer of shell halves on top of the salsa
3. spread the whole can of refried beans across
4. spread the whole container of cream cheese over the beans
5. spread another layer of shells on top of the cream cheese
6. put about half of the shredded cheese across the shells
7. spread the remaining salsa over the cheese
8. top with the remaining shredded cheese

I baked in the microwave for ten minutes on high and it came out gooey and soft/chewy. If you like it crispier, it could go longer. Also, a conventional oven might work better for the crispier texture. I like it softer. The cheese melted really well. With a green salad or green smoothie, and some cornbread or some black bean and corn salsa, it makes a quick and filling meal. And the microwave splatter was much less than I had feared (I did not cover it while baking).

Estimated protein and carbohydrate content (based on the above named ingredients):

Protein per serving: 7 grams
Carbohydrates per serving: 29 grams

This was based on my pan being cut into six servings. Depending on your preferred serving size, it could be cut into anywhere from four large servings to nine smaller squares. Hope you like it!

postheadericon About my recipes…

It is my hope that everyone who visits this website will find useful information. As for recipes, though, a quick note: If you are a foodie or gourmet cook, are good at it and enjoy it, first of all, I admire and envy you. Second, you might not find my recipes very inspiring. In theory, I love the concept of unprocessed ingredients and homemade, healthy dishes. In reality, with everything going on in my life, I often do not have the time/energy/interest to prepare anything that isn’t quick and simple. But I still like the idea of choosing the ingredients that I consume (vegan and organic in particular) and having a small role to play in the preparation of my meals. So the recipes I share are based on my versions of meals that are filling, taste good, and provide a choice of ingredients and brands to include. They also tend to be quick, often utilizing the microwave and the one-pot meal idea (think Rachel Ray meets Isa Chandra Moskowitz). I tend to be a simple eater and am happy if something is easy to prepare, filling, and as healthy as possible. So these recipes will reflect that philosophy. There are many well done and beautifully photographed websites about vegetarian and vegan cooking. As time goes on and I expand my link list, there will be links to many of those websites. So if you are ok with quick, uncomplicated, and un-fancy, I hope you like these ideas or are at least inspired to create your own quick and easy dishes. On those occasions when I spend more time in the kitchen and have more gourmet type recipes, I’ll certainly share those too. Bon appetit!

postheadericon Six yummy beans to boost your protein

Beans are a staple food, not just for vegetarians and vegans, but for many people around the world. They are inexpensive (compared to many other protein sources), keep well in either dry or canned form, and are very versatile. They also have a good amount of protein and are quite filling. Here are six of my favorites:

Protein content is per half cup of cooked bean

Black beans: 7 grams
Good in: chili, bean burgers, on nachos

Black eyed peas: 8 grams
Good in: stew, served over grain dish

Cannellini (white beans): 10 grams
Good in: stew, chili, served over grain, sauteed with greens and garlic

Chickpeas: 7 grams
Good in: mashed as a sandwich filling with vegan mayo and spices, dry roasted as a snack

Edamame (soybeans): 11 grams
Good with just a pinch of salt/salt free shake or plain

Lentils: 9 grams
Good in: soup, served over grain dish, in chili

postheadericon My new favorite protein source

Getting enough protein is not a problem for anyone with access to adequate amounts of healthy food. But for muscle recovery, especially when performing high stress heavy lifting, a little extra help is appreciated. Easily assimilated (drinkable is my preference) protein consumed before and especially after a strength workout seems to be a mainstay habit of omnivores and herbivores who strength and power train.
I have sampled a variety of protein powders over the years. I used to regularly use Naturade’s soy meal replacement powder. I still have some and like it. But just to mix things up, I decided to try a different plant source, so I tried Growing Naturals rice protein powder. Each serving contains 24 grams of vegan protein, which is a good amount for me. It is soy and corn free for those with allergies, and it is made from organic rice. It comes in original, vanilla and chocolate. I usually take about 10 ounces of chocolate silk, a banana, a good scoop of peanut butter, and one serving of powder and blend it. Not only does it provide energy for a workout, it is a good recovery drink and can function as a meal replacement if necessary. I am usually good for at least a couple to a few hours without hunger after having a shake with this protein in it. It has a 96% correlation to whey protein, so for those who feel they cannot lift or recover without whey, this might be a good alternative.
Overall, an excellent product. They also have pea protein, which I have not tried yet. But based on my experience with the rice, I may very well give that a go soon!