postheadericon Insanity for strength? I didn’t think so, until……

I never thought my first post on this site would be about Insanity, since it is primarily a cardio program, but I now have a new appreciation for it as a strength enhancing regimen. I have always been a fan of Insanity ever since I started it about two years ago. It provides a highly intensive cardio workout in a reasonable amount of time, and Shaun T. is a very positive and motivating instructor. Which is all great, for cardio. But what about strength? Recent events in my life, including a blizzard which knocked out power for a few days and a family illness, required me to significantly alter my workout schedule for a period of time. The troubling events happened after I had taken a planned week off from strength training, and when all was said and done, I hadn’t lifted for almost a month. Not to mention that my nutritional protocols had taken a bit of a hit during that time, too, and my fruit/protein smoothies as well as my other pre and post workout fuel options were not consumed as consistently as usual. The one thing I did try and do was workout consistently (other than the few days I had no power). I did the Insanity regimen pretty consistently for that month. Although I did not follow the recommended schedule exactly, Insanity was the mainstay of my workouts during that time. And since I hadn’t lifted, I gave the Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance dvd (the primary strength workout of the set) a few rotations. I did notice some post workout soreness – not bad, but enough to know I had challenged myself. I saw this as a potentially positive sign.
Still, when I was finally able to get back to the gym, I was prepared, as I always am after some time away, to lower the weights for the first couple of workouts. At best I thought I MIGHT be in the same ballpark as the previous month. I was shocked to see that, with a number of exercises, I had to adjust the weights upward, in some cases, by quite a bit. That has never happened to this degree after such a long break from lifting. The only new variable in my regimen was the Insanity workouts- no nutritional changes, no nifty new vegan protein shakes, nothing. So I have to conclude that regular use of the Power and Resistance workout, in addition to the others in the set, helped me to gain strength which showed up a month later. While I don’t plan to utilize Insanity as my strength builder, it is nice to know that in a pinch, it functions well to enhance strength (not to mention the cardio!)

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