postheadericon My new fave breakfast (or lunch, or dinner…..)

Seems like a small thing – a bowl of cereal, yogurt, and some fruit. But for GF vegans who are looking for a protein-filled high fiber start to the day, a good bowl of cereal (that tastes good!) can be a challenge to find.

Enter Van’s Cinnamon Heaven gluten free cereal. Van’s products have been very reliable sources of good tasting, nutritious GF food for me, and this cereal does not disappoint. With a soy yogurt and some fruit, it provides fiber, protein, carbs, and is filling and tasty. It does make a good lunch and in a pinch or at the end of a long day, a light dinner.

Nutritionals are for a bowl of Cinnamon heaven, silk fruit and creamy soy yogurt, and a half cup of fresh blueberries:

calories 300g
fiber 6.3g
protein 8g
carbs 59g
fat 4.5g

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