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Although at some point there may very well be something here about vegan fuel for cardio days, today’s focus is on the shoes. Speaking of cardio days, I do like a short distance run or medium/long distance ride on my cardio days, especially at this time of year. And since my running shoes are going to need a replacement in the not too distant future, I thought I’d research the options. Please bear in mind that I have not physically read any labels – this is information I retrieved through product reviews or through the company’s own website. So what vegan option are there for running shoes? Here are a few possibilities. If anyone knows of any others, please feel free to add to the list:

Asics: Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81

Brooks: probably the premier name in vegan running. The company states that, with one exception (The Addiction Walker), all of their shoes are vegan, INCLUDING the glue (an often overlooked ingredient).

Saucony: the bullet line and the jazz low shoe line are vegan

New Balance: has been known in the past for many synthetic leather options, but the company makes no guarantees regarding the glues used – too bad, used to be a go-to brand for me

The following additional information is from Vegan Runners UK

Asics: All running shoes with N in the label/product code are vegan
Mizuno: All running products are vegan friendly
Newton: All are vegan
Pearl Izumi: Leather-free are vegan friendly
Puma: Not vegan
Reebok: Not vegan
Saucony: Leather-free are vegan friendly

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