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As a long time vegetarian and now vegan, I have always been interested in nutrition. But sports nutrition only caught my attention more recently, as I began recreational weightlifting. As I visited bodybuilding and weightlifting websites, I noticed a good deal of discussion about preloading, recovery foods, and so on. Of course, all sports enthusiasts tend to pay attention to nutrition, but it seemed to be given more emphasis for those doing strength and power training. I decided to start this site to open a forum for the sharing of ideas, particularly as it relates to strength and power training while following a vegetarian or vegan diet and to pass along any helpful tips or articles I discover in my own research. Since I am also a (sometimes) runner, I will also include information I find about the cardio aspect of staying healthy and fit and how to utilize a plant baed diet to optimize fitness. In addition to my interests in fitness and vegan nutrition, I blog about animal ethics and animal rights issues at My Name is Fluffy.

Happy and healthy lifting! — Linda



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